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28 March 2009

Belmont Park Walking Directions

People asked so here is a power cap transit special. With the Belmont Special train only a memory people without cars need a way to get to the races. As someone that has lived a few blocks from Belmont I know the local area well. Out of all the local train stations Queens Village is the closest. Floral Park is too far east and Bellerose is inconvenient leaving you far from the front side entrance. Here are the walking directions to Belmont from Queens Village Station. There is a faster/shorter way but it involves walking on the Cross Island under the railroad underpass and that is only for the bravest of urban explorers, inquire within about that special route.

Walking Directions From Queens Village LIRR To Belmont


Teresa said...

This is very cool! I drive to Belmont, but this info is going to make a lot of people very happy...

G. C. said...

Someone else in the other post about the train said that NYRA is planning to charter a bus from the Bellerose station to the grandstand. I guess a shuttle bus is okay but if you want to go early before the shuttle runs or late after the bus the stops Queens Village is the closest station.

I am so sorry to see the Belmont Special end and have the train station sit idle. The worst part is the train to Queens Village/Bellerose is local, it will take over an hour to get to Belmont now from Penn Station when you factor in the walk or shuttle.