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01 June 2008

Big Brown Should Race On Turf And Should Take On Curlin

With all of Big Brown's hoof issues why not look for a kinder surface and run the colt on the turf after the Belmont? Not only could this be good for his hoof but it could round out his limited resume.

Iavarone and Dutrow could take on older in the Arlington Million, this would be a thrilling win in a race known all around the world, not some huge drop in class cop out. For the breeding angle a Arlington Million win would give him appeal to the European breeders. Instead of shipping to hot and hard California for the Poly/Cushion/Polymer Classic he could contest the Canadian International, just like Secretariat. $2 million purse and a field of world class turf horses.

If the Big B wins the triple crown he has proven that he can beat the dirt three year olds of his generation. To continue to run in races like the Travers belabors the point and degrades the hooves. Considering his limited career it is important that the brash Dutrow plans out a campaign that will round out Big Browns resume. His record could use a stakes turf win if he wants to be considered great. Secretariat took to the turf and so did the great Dr Fager. Team Big Brown should use some of that confidence and braggadocio from the recent press conferences and take this horse back to where he started on the lawn. A horse with a limited resume needs to have quality and variety on his resume if he wants to be considered great.

After the late Summer/Fall turf campaign a showdown with Curlin would blow the lid off the Big Brown hype machine. NYRA could arrange a special race at the end of the year for Big Brown, Curlin and others. We are talking about a huge purse $3 million or more. Not only would this be a major racing event, but it would be a major media and sporting event. The profiles of all the horses would be raised by running in this race win or lose. There is the potential for the race of the decade if big talking Dutrow and Iavarone are game enough to take on Curlin. This is what the sport needs. It would be a huge event, something beyond the Breeders Cup. The purse could be sponsored by UPS and it could be televised all around the world.

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