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08 June 2008

Desultory Brown

The wheels fell off the Big Brown express today. As good as he looked in the Derby and Preakness Big Brown was just plain terrible today. Fractious in the detention barn, nervous in the paddock, rank in the early part of the race, he did not run his race today. The boastful Dutrow who dared the racing gods, received his punishment for his gross arrogance. When confidence grows into arrogance the punishment is usually swift and stout and Dutrow's arrogance was punished today. . Dutrow provided great theater with his antics and no doubt Dutrow's antics made his loss was very satisfying to many people. Before there Derby we wrote these words.

Usually one can get away with this attitude for only so long before the game gives out a maximum dose of bad racing luck. Try going to the track with this attitude and making wagers, talk about a humbling experience. This type of talk is very polarizing, I see that Big Brown can go one of two ways. He is either going to run a fricken' hole in the wind and drop jaws or the horse is going to be up the track. If this horse does not win, he will not hit the board in the Kentucky Derby. Big Brown's performance is going to be something extraordinary or something commonly dull. When this horse gets beat it is going to be ugly.

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Anonymous said...

you also said he was the class of the connections. make up your mind