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18 June 2008

OTB Corruption Blocks NYRA Replays On Website

On top of the 1% takeout hike demanded by OTB, now OTB has legally blocked NYRA's ability to show replays on NYRA's own website. When you go to the NYRA website the quoted message below appears.

People that think this game needs more centralized government regulation do not understand how government works or lack the experience of dealing with government bureaucracy. More centralized regulation empowers the government parasite to bleed racing until it dies like the powerful and corrupt New York government bleeds racing in New York. Racing needs to clean it's own house before allowing government parasites to attach themselves to the circultory system.

Link to NYRA replays

For regulatory purposes, NYRA is not permitted at this time to provide a link to our race replays. NYRA understands and regrets this inconvenience for our fans who have come to rely upon these services.

Please be assured NYRA is doing everything within its power to work with the New York State Racing and Wagering Board to restore this link to our web site as soon as possible.


Brooklyn Backstretch said...

Help! I don't understand this. What's the connection between OTB and the NYRA video replays? Calracing still shows them...why can't NYRA show its own product?

G. C. said...

In the NY law OTB has the sole license to present live video of racing outside of the racetrack in NY state. OTB has pressed Albany so that they enforce this law. That is why NYRA or can not show its product(live feed) on the NYRA website or Twinspires can not offer video of New York racing in New York. Now with the latest round of racing legislation OTB has pressed Albany so that NYRA can not even show replays of the product on the NYRA website.

Alan H. said...

So, I can't bet Churchill on the Twin Spires site, and I can't see New York replays on the NYRA site. These must be signs of the apocalypse for horse racing.