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03 June 2008

Team Big Brown The Classiest Connections In The Belmont

They had a press conference today in Times Square for the Belmont Stakes. The connections of only two horses bothered to show up. Those two horses were Big Brown and Macho Again. Where was everyone else? Not very classy of the connections to disrespect a classic race. Must be challenging to conduct a press conference if the principals do not show up.

While Big Brown may not have scared away all comers for the Belmont, only one other horse was represented at the press conference.


Superfecta said...

Would that not make Macho Again's connections classier, since they not only showed up, but managed to avoid annoying anyone?

And you meant 'principal' in this instance, not 'principle' - it's pretty clear that people with principles avoided this dog and pony show - you couldn't pay me enough to fight tourists through Times Square either!

Michael said...

Going to Time Square is a gimick -- if they'd held the presser on or very close to the track, I bet the outcome would have been different.

Besides, why show up to a press confernce when you know that 99% of the info printed is going to be what was said by IEAH, Dutrow or Kent?

G. C. said...

Okay fair enough. The title of Classiest Connections-Times Square Press Conference Division will be shared by both Team Big Brown and Team Macho Again.