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02 June 2008

Dutrow-Iavarone Bashers Need To Step Up Their Game

Commenter Rufus Youngblood came back with a fair rebuttal to the Dutrow/Iavarone post and would like to expand on the topic. Mr. Youngblood made many cogent points which I agree with and I think he is on-point regarding IEAH. Hopefully they will do the right thing and have Brown race a few more times and get in the gate for a mega race with Curlin. However I think the barrage of articles, internet blogs and comments about Dutrow and Iavarone completely miss the point and are more of a expression of jealousy and envy than well thought out criticism of what Big Brown means to the sport.

If these people wanted to bash Dutrow and Iavarone they should have had the substance to consider the present and the future in their attacks. The Bloomberg article was a strait up smear piece and the anonymous commenter-cockroach that dug up and made up a bunch of stuff about Dutrow was even worse. Digging up some dirt from the early 1980's and 1990's ignores the pertinent issues and frankly shows the bashers to be envious, hateful, close-minded people.

Bashing Dutrow because of his brashness shows that the bashers are close-minded, inexperienced and square. The real way charactor is measured is in how treats his horses, how he treats his family and his staff. Those that think Dutrow is rude and uncouth are missing that he is good for the game with his big mouth, a real headline maker in a game desperate for headlines.

If these bashers could focus on how Big Brown is going to be retired and cashed out like a savings bond, their bashing might be something I could get behind. At this point it smacks of jealousy, envy and shallow social experience. I can not get behind this bandwagon to nowhere. They can keep the character assassination, perhaps a more educated mode of attack, one that focuses on how IEAH is going to crap all over the game, is something I could agree with a bit more.


Brooklyn Backstretch said...

It seems that the facts are pretty clear and not all that hard to get straight: both Iavarone and Dutrow have a pattern that extends until this year of being deceptive and of breaking the rules of their chosen professions. Iavarone has out and out lied, as has Dutrow.

Sure, there are those for whom such things are secondary to the talent of the horse, and I don't think that anyone's disputing that.

But those of us who are uneasy about such a cavalier attitude towards truth and integrity are not necessarily jealous or envious; we're just not interested in having the sport we love associated with criminal and dishonest behavior.

G. C. said...

Thanks for the comment Brooklyn. Considering the intense spotlight both Dutrow and IEAH are under it would be very difficult for either of them to even bend the rules at this point. Their days of being anonymous bad boys are over.

At this point their bad behavior is going to be limited to the imaginations of those trying to defame them. We are more likely to witness them donating money to fallen officers than robbing bodegas and defrauding investors.

Anonymous said...

I hope this blog was written tongue in cheek or else you are just a misguided moron.

These are some of the biggest lowlifes ever to grace the racetrack. Dutrow has more bad tests than anyone currently training. IEAH went from being a dirtbag on Wall Street to a dirtbag in racing. And no, I don't mean in the past. NOW. He has been sued by the Keeneland Association for non payment and by others. Dutrow continued to open his mouth before the Belmont, only to be embarrassed. He knocks Curlin, but isn't in the Woodward as they knew they would be defeated.

He failed to show up for congressional hearings, as he was afraid of being arrested for perjury. I like when he said he didn't know what the steroids did. I suppose you buy that too?