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25 June 2008

Jose Lezcano Is Amazing

It is almost a miracle that Jose Lezcano survived the tenth race at Monmouth on the 21st of June. After his mount was checked into the rail on the far turn he lost the irons and back flipped onto the dirt head first and bounced off the ground before violently crashing back down to the dirt. His mount was unhurt and continued on without him. It was a horrendous looking incident considering which part of his body first contacted the ground combined with the amount of speed and force. As I watched the race I thought that Lezcano surely cracked open his skull, broke his back, broke his neck or was possibly killed. I was truly worried for his life and was looking forward to hearing about him walking sometime in the next year. Surely a horrific accident like this would have him out of action for months if not forever.

To my surprise Lezcano walked away from the incident. Instead of recovering at home or recovering in a hospital bed he decided to ride the next day. Sometimes a bad accident will leave a jockey shaken and they will ride conservatively to avoid hurting themselves. Instead of riding safe, to my surprise Lezcano won no less than six races on Sunday. If you are able to catch the replay of the tenth race at Monmouth on the 21st of June watch it. Surviving this incident and posting six wins the next day, makes Lezcano one of the most amazing athletes in the world.

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