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16 June 2008

Looking forward to Curlin In The Man O' War

Great win on Saturday for Curlin, he is truly the big horse in the world of racing. It is too bad the media foolishly gives the three year olds hyper attention. Big shout out to Green But Game for letting the NTRA know that they are not doing their job promoting the game. The media focuses on the wrong races, the triple crown is covered like the Olympics but great races like the Stephen Foster are totally ignored. This is the soccer equivalent of the media covering a park pick up game while the World Cup is played in the dark. Yes the media is filled with people too dim to follow something as complicated as racing but someone should take the reins in educating the media and that should be the NTRA. In a world where the media big wigs have grown up with the NFL as the main American sport, I guess the TBA is doing a better job of promoting the game than the NTRA and the TBA operates on a budget of nil.

The American media is missing the real star in Curlin. He can carry weight, he can run long, he can take his racetrack anywhere, he is consistent and he can run off the layoff. Now he is looking to add the turf to his repertoire. Months ago I had a dream of Curlin running on the turf and it looks like Jess Jackson either thinks like me or reads this blog as he is mapping out a turf campaign just like I hoped for. The first target looks like the Man O' War at Belmont. A grand race won by champions such as Secretariat, Fort Marcy and Fantastic Light. Hope NYRA pulls a few strings and ensures that the NYRWB issues Midnight Cry stable a license so New York could see Curlin run in the Man O' War at beautiful Belmont Park.


Anonymous said...

Did you read the article you linked to?

Two of Curlin's owners are in jail for stealing client funds.

Why should they be licensed?

G. C. said...

They leased out the share to other people so Curlin can run. He ran just fine in DXB/KY. Why should the public be punished?

When someone takes pills they should read the ingredients and notice that their hearts are beating uncontrollably. The responsibility for what you ingest is your own. Not only did those overweight people blindly take pills but they ignored the signs when their hearts were racing on a amphetamine high.

These people who did not take responsibility for themselves then needed these complete strangers to step in and take responsibility for them. Is it any surprise that the strangers/lawyers turned around and taxed some of the money?

Not only are people dead, but others are in jail and we can not see the greatest horse in training run. Everyone suffers because some overweight people could not take responsibility for themselves and push away from the table. It is a real shame.

Anonymous said...

According to New York rules, both the lessors and lessees of a horse must be licensed in New York.

I guess they should bend the rules like Churchill Downs did for Pyro at the gate in the Kentucky Derby

Anonymous said...

So the fact that these three lawyers stole over $60 million from 400+ people is okay b/c they were overweight and (according to you) didn't read the directions?

The question isn't the merit of the fen-phen suit (which did have merits) but the fact that these two men stole $50 million.