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21 March 2008

Must See Film

Last year I went to the Tribeca Film Festival and thoroughly enjoyed the The First Saturday In May. I caught a matinée in the east village down the block from Webster Hall, I brought a friend who does not embrace racing and he liked the film as much as I did. The film was an entertaining look at the people behind the scenes who muck the stalls, guide the horses through their workouts and feel the sting of disappointment when something goes haywire. The film starts in the dead of winter as the derby trail kicks off. The anticipation builds as the horses make their way to Louisville. There are plenty of laughs, cheers and tears in this game and the film captures it all brilliantly. Insightful behind the scenes action with the very interesting connections. Frank Amonte the former Contessa assistant stole the show, but there are many colorful characters to chose from. The racing fan will love it and the non-racing fan will want to get out to the track after viewing this film. Here is another review from an esteemed blogger. Looking forward to purchasing the DVD when it is available.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Power Cap! Need all the support we can muster.

If everyone could go out and support the film on the first weekend 4/18 that would be ideal. If it doesn't do well, the theater owner won't keep it back for the next week.

Here's a link to all the theatres . .


Thanks all!

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