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10 March 2008

Pyro Stud deal set

Another 3 year old has his retirement papers in order long before his legacy as a race horse is settled. Pyro will retire to Darley stud after his racing career is over. Not exactly good news for the sport. Just before a horse makes his mark they are already whisking him off to a more profitable career at stud. This is like getting a 100 on a spelling test in 6th grade and securing a CEO position later that evening. We can only hope that the cycle of profitability changes in racing and it becomes more profitable to race your horses rather than breed them. Lining up retirement plans this early in the sophomore year removes virtually all the motivation to run the horse past the triple crown. The game takes it on the chin once again.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think this is the end of the world... what if the horse ends up being a nobody from May to November?