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18 March 2008

Things Horseplayers dislike

5. Redboard- Horseplayers hate redboards and redboarders. A redboard is when someone brags about a winning wager without speaking about the wager before the race. Not only is this obnoxious but the redboarder could be full of you know what as who knows for sure that he/she made the wager or are they just looking for admiration when none is due. If you plan on braging about a wager make sure you speak about it before the race.

4. Racetrack Management-These guys are universally hated by horseplayers. They even have a website for them called track thieves. Horseplayers have not received the best treatment from the tracks over the years and this has produced a built up resentment. The customer service level experienced by the horseplayer at a racetrack is about what a crackhead could expect in a crack house. Management of either the track or crackhouse knows they have both groups as dedicated customers and they do not need to do much to keep them coming back.

3. Window capping- Horseplayers hate when some newbie is at the teller window one minute to post reading the program instead of calling out a wager. This causes those at the back of the line to get shut out of wagering. These are the most annoying people at the track. Racetrack etiquette dictates that window cappers can be verbally abused with impunity. Feel free to shout at and denigrate window cappers at any time, it is completely acceptable.

2. Paying for anything- Horseplayers hate paying for stuff. TVG is avoided as a ADW because they make their customers pay 25 cents for the privilege of making a wager. A horseplayer would forgo buying lunch but would gladly allocate the same sum towards a wager on a animal running in a circle. One of the biggest beefs at the track is paying for admission or parking.

1. Change- Horseplayers hate change above all else. Perhaps this why horseplayers are drawn to horseracing, a game that is hundreds if not thousands of years old. Any change at anytime draws outrage. They would like the game to remain suspended in time. In most respects the game has remained suspended in time, only the people the get older.

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