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28 March 2008

TVG To Offer Free Past Performances to Account Holders

TVG announced today that it will offer free past performances to their account holders. The first ADW provider to match the free PP's that Twinspires have offered for years. Perhaps somebody at TVG realized what horsesplayers like and they shrewdly arranged some free stuff for horseplayers that clamor for this sort of thing. This is an improvement for a ADW provider who is a notorious nickel and dime operation that charges a $.25 surcharge for every bet placed. If you look at the ADW poll TVG lags far behind Twinspires.

TVG has contributed their fair share to the industry. Perhaps someone like I would not have become an obsessed racing fan if TVG did not exist. While I watched racing since the mid-1980's, the bug did not really hit me until the early 200's when TVG was the first to beam the into the TV 18 hours a day. Before TVG racing was on TV for 12 hours a year, now it is on 18 hours a day everyday of the year. We can not underestimate the positive influence TVG has had in modernizing the racing industry and coaxing non-dinosaur fans into the racing circle. It would be a shame if a network like TVG fails. HRTV does not reach as many people. It would be a greater shame if it failed because it was outgamed by Twinspires and their free BRISNET PDF PP's. It is a huge positive that TVG has entered the free stuff business. Even 58 Flat Matt hit the late pick 4 at Aqueduct today for $670 bucks. Things are looking up at TVG.

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