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16 March 2008

If Spitzer Played Horses He Still Would Be In Office

Obnoxious people not only make bad friends, but they can be a danger to their friends and family. These people need to bring humility and modesty into their lives. Can one think of an activity that has more humbling effects than wagering on horse races? Those with obnoxious, egotistical personalities should be prescribed a steady diet of playing the ponies. Then after a few treatments of lost photo finishes, stewards DQ's and complete non-efforts of odds on picks, the ego-maniac will be a changed person. These self centered people under the horseplayer treatment will slowly mature into more caring friends, awash in post wager despair they will become comforters who can empathize with the troubles of others while thinking beyond the me, myself and I. Racing is a game where self centered over-confidence is quickly dealt with. Do you know someone that thinks they are gods gift to the rest of us? Make a date with them to spend an afternoon at your local OTB or racetrack. Watch their picks run up the track and their bloated egos get stomped like a cockroach caught wandering on the stage of a live performance of riverdance. It could be the best thing you ever did for them.

How about those confident players that wagered hundreds of thousands of dollars that War pass would run third today in the Tampa Bay Derby? Some fool blogger even proclaimed that the Tampa Bay Derby would be a walkover and perhaps Zito should seek out a stiffer test for his champion charge. War Pass competing in the Tampa Bay derby was far removed from the certainty of a rocket scientist passing a 2nd grade arithmetic quiz. What these people missed was that the Tampa Bay Derby was War Pass' first race on a fast track going two turns, his first race over the deep Tampa Bay surface and that he was not feeling well this week with a cold. Not only did War Pass answer one plus one incorrectly on his 2nd grade quiz, but he managed to answer all the questions wrong while finishing last. Over-confidence was vanquished and a large mass of humbleness filled the vacuum for all those that singled him, bridge jumped him and proclaimed him a mortal lock.

How about the famous ego-maniac Spitzer. A man so full of himself that he signed strong anti prostitution legislation a few months ago while being a noted connoisseur of the oldest profession himself. A case of malignant chutzpah so acute that it brought a family, and entire state government to a screeching halt. Spitzer would have found a better fate if he had been playing the horses instead of trying to prosecute its workers. If anybody needed the therapeutic, ego reducing effects of horseplaying it was Spitzer. "Yo Silda War Pass was 2YO champ, won his last race in hand and is lone speed, watch the steam roller bet $4.3K on the nose with $80K to show". Just like that the ego-maniac governor could have been brought back to earth and all issues associated with his delusional superiority complex would have been neutralized. The sixty nine percent of New York voters that checked Spitzer would not look like complete fools and those that donated to his campaign would not be left with out a fixer. Help is available for ego-maniacs if someone will dare to care.

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