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12 January 2008

12JAN Play of the day

Going to tackle Aqueduct race 5 for the play of the day.

Storming Normandy figures to be 3-5 today. The public will be all over those monster Beyer figs and they will fall in love with him hitting the wire first in a stake last out. The works are fast however it looks like this guy took an open jaw tour of the country. Why does he have works listed in December from PmM in Florida and Hollywood? Of all the spots why did they pick here? However the back breaker is that he is need the lead speed and with the lightning fast need the lead Southern Prince in here it could be big speed duel city.

Now look to Calculator, he won this very race last year right before the Affectionately at a nice price. It was even a similar situation however the very fast Whistlin was the 3-5 chalk. It was a field loaded with speed, 3-5 need the lead chalk and the bomb closer Calculator won. The same scenario is on tap for tomorrow.

If Southern Prince breathing down Storming Normandy's throat latch isn't enough to soften him up, throw in a racetracker grudge. Adding to the sultry duel we have Contessa and his disdain for Dutrow. Contessa will absolutely send Storm Boot Gold on a suicide mission to wear down Dutrows 3-5 sure winner. This will set it up for a closer. Using 1A,8,10 in all pick wagers. You want some coverage if we are going to beat a 3-5 shot in a pick sequence. We could be looking at a sequence of huge mutual pick 3's right in the middle of this card. However for our play of the day lets forget about the three horse math and zero in on Calculator.

Race 5 W #1A
Play of the day stats

3 1-0-0
Strike rate 33%
cumulative ROI based on $2 bets $9.40

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