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10 January 2008

NYS limiting access to NYRA video it is time to take action

As you may have noticed NYRA video is not available on twinspires.com or HRTV as promised. If you read the law it is worded to protect OTB by stating that racing can only be shown at the tracks or at a OTB. No provision in section 1003 of the NY racing law deals with internet ADW's. This law can be changed, it may take a little while as the law protects OTB corruption but it can be changed if the public places pressure on their elected officials. I urge everybody in New York to write their state Assemblyman and State Senator. It is time that horseplayers exercise their responsibility as citizens in a democracy and place some pressure on their elected officials. The squeaky wheel gets the oil, let us make some noise.

Here are the links to the New York state senators and assembly, they make it easy to contact your reps;



Here is my letter if you do not want to reinvent the wheel and type your own;


My message today is regarding the NYRA horse racing franchise. The law in question is called section 1003 regarding simulcasting of races. The law allows wagering providers to offer wagering on New York races but does not allow these wagering companies to offer video.

20 billion dollars was wagered on races last year and the most popular of those racing signals was the New York NYRA signal. While the growth of wagering is somewhat stagnant the internet advance deposit wagering segment of the industry has experienced explosive growth. By limiting access to video of New York racing, New York state is reducing the appeal of the NYRA signal in the completive simulcast market. People do not want to bet on races they can not watch. Money will flow to other states where there is no such law limiting broadcasting of races.

Players that bet on these races want to watch them. Why does section 1003 limit broadcasting of races? Why would the state reduce its intake of taxes and impede a New York business in a competitive market? Much of the wagering occurs with Advance Deposit Wagering companies which offer legal wagering and video over the internet. An example is twinspires.com. Currently video is not available for New York NYRA races but is available for every other track in the US. . I will quote the pertinent portion of the law below.

"The board may approve simulcasting into residences, homes or other areas to
be conducted jointly by one or more regional off-track betting
corporations and one or more of the following: a non-profit racing
association, a thoroughbred racing corporation or association or a
harness racing corporation or association;

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