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02 January 2008

New Year and a new blog

Racing kicked off this year at Aqueduct but most bettors had no way to wager due to the ongoing embarrassment of the New York franchise process. Going to blame the voters for electing corrupt officals and then doing nothing about it.

It is the masses fault for letting the corruption to continue unchecked. We have a population that is fat dumb and happy that does not perform its vital role of a check on the government. The peolple and media of NY do not demand accountability from their officials and officials like Bruno know they have Carte Blanche' to continue with as much corruption as they please. The only time politicians are checked is when their corruption impedes on the corruption for another politician. Like how Spitzer had the slots earmarked for his boy Richard Fields while Bruno had multiple suitors lined up for the slots.

After 3 or 4 years of trying to manhandle the slot contract for their clients the game ends with a stalemate. Thats where we are today. The only people that have a clue at the idea of the corruption that occurs in New York State are us people on the internet. The rest of the masses are completely clueless.

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