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24 January 2008

The masses and the media are completely clueless on the ongoing New York franchise ordeal

It looks like Spitzer is now leaning towards installing 4500 slot machines at Belmont Park. After opposing the slots for months Spitzer has changed his stance on the issue. Is this a compromise with Bruno to get this desperately overdue process over? Have all of the kickbacks and backroom deals been allocated? With the media derelict of its duty to inform the only information available is on the internet. One must troll the various TBA BLOGS or messages boards to stay up to date.

The mainstream press and the masses seem to be clueless on this issue. Can the local paper Newsday at least get the name of Belmont correct? It is Belmont Park not Belmont raceway. When professional reporters can not get the names correct you know we are dealing with rank amateurs. The journalistic equivalent of a 5K maiden claimer. Newsday is a complete embarrassment and Paul Moran has become a beacon of truth since leaving that mis-informer of the masses.

Belmont is a beautiful property and the crown jewel of sports venues in the New York City metro area. With an average handle around $10 million dollars a day Belmont does not need slots to succeed. With smart management and a benevolent regulator Belmont could expand its handle and attendance. However the greedy hand of the ever growing government continues to undermine racing operations. The approval of VLT's or slots has little to nothing to do with growing purses but is a means to expand the States vast gambling monopoly and to feed its coffers. With little of no resistance from the people the expansion of the government continues and the media continues to be derelict in its duty to inform. We can only hope that New York racing survives this ordeal.

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Anonymous said...

I guess I would have to question your definition of success when it comes to Belmont Park. I don't think I would necessarily say that it has been very successful the last 15-20 years. And where would they ever find the room in that place to put in slot machines? It's so crowded there.