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20 January 2008

Trip to see Evening Attire

The old warhorse drew me away from the warmth of my home, as I had to make the trip down the dreaded Van Wyck to see the old horse that has been making people smile for 8 seasons. If Evening Attire can still get out there and put on a show at his age, we owe it to the faithful warrior to show up and support him. Honestly I didn't like his chances to win, but he did just fine to finish up a strong second. This is the best form he has been in since maybe 2004. Next out with a little more ground his chances to get his picture taken by Adam Coglianese instead of a hack like me improve. Here are a few photos from my mobile phone camera. They are low quality pics of a high quality individual.

Here is Evening Attire entering the paddock. He is a horse with uniquely long legs, he has a athletic and healthy appearance.

Evening Attire seems to be a beloved animal, with a team of handlers that seem to dote on him and adore him. This may be the secret to his longevity. He is a good example of everything that is right with racing. Animal rights activists should take note of the wonderful care that racehorses like Evening Attire enjoy.

Here he is tacked up with Dominguez in the irons. His coat is noticeably lighter than in past years. Evening Attire he is really showing that he is the distinguished elder statesman of all American racehorses. Thank you to the Kelly barn and the connections for maintaining this horse and his form for so many years. He is a wonderful treasure that the entire racing community enjoys.

The most popular horse in New York goes to the post.

Here is to getting them next time. Another fan started a great Evening Attire website, check it out.


Teresa said...

Hmm...your pictures aren't coming up when I load your page...will keep trying.

Sorry that I missed seeing you, but I have to imagine that we were standing pretty near each other, as I was down there taking photos, too.

The guy ran a great race...you did a great job here of capturing why this horse has grabbed our imaginations, and why the sport is better with horses like him still around.

G. C. said...

You have the same pics on your blog, how did you do that? We must have been standing next to each other. I moved the photos to a different server so they should be up all the time now.