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07 January 2008

Is this a new low point?

In a game where imminent demise supposedly looms like vultures circling a carcass, things took a drastic turn for the worse across the country. It seems like the vultures are getting ready to touch down. Like a church choir repeating in perfect harmony there was one line from the major racing centers of New York, Kentucky, Florida and California, bad news.

The biggest news this weekend is out of California, where the all weather track is great for all weather racing as long as the weather is dry and sunny. Anyway you look at it this is going to cost California racing millions of dollars. If they move the meet to Hollywood or only run in dry Santa Anita this is going to cost Magna dearly. The turf course at Hollywood is currently dormant so a move to Hollywood would be a less than perfect solution to an embarrassing problem. It is going to take months to sort this out. After losing millions on the meet, the track will then have to be dug up and rebuilt from scratch. Does Santa Anita stick with Cushion track or go with Dickensons Tapeta which has found success in No-Cal? If that wasn't bad enough the Santa Anita Breeders Cup is looming in 9 months.

Gulfstream kicked off its meet this week to smaller than promised purses, reduced attendance and poor reviews of the facilities. When attendance dives from 21K to 5K is less than 3 years there is a problem. Look for a PowerCap review of the facility sometime this month as I finally check this place out for myself.

Even Kentucky the Thoroughbred breeding capital of North America was not spared the bad news. After gains fueled by the installation of Poly-track, ADW related issues have caused the Turfway handle to plummet 22%. Look for purses to be slashed soon in the blue grass.

New York may have the biggest issues of all. Intense corruption, mind boggling ineptitude and the status quo is the trifecta bet of the year when considering the future of New York racing. The situation is so mixed up that the politicians can not even decide on the who what where of how to screw the game. The latest word is that TVG can show the races in New York but you can not bet on them with TVG. Conversely you can bet with HRTV's betting service but can not watch the races on the HRTV network or internet. This is the best NYS can come up with? Nothing makes sense and the details are hidden in the shadows. There is no clear line on who are the hero's, who are the goats and who is working for which interest. A long thread at paceadvantage covers it all

In six years of following the game closely, 07JAN08 clearly marks a low point.

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