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04 January 2008

NYSRWB Corruption or Ineptitude part III

A new DRF article outlines some of the shadowy behind the scenes action that prevented the NYRA signal from being seen this week. The latest development from Albany and the NYSRWB will not let anybody watch NYRA races. HRTV, Xpressbet and Twinspires have been declined from the NYRA video feed. Twinspires and xpressbet customers can wager on the race but not watch. This is a tough one to figure out. I am not sure if this is NYSRWB corruption or ineppitude.

Is this some sort of corrupt plan designed to keep NYRA in bankruptcy by keeping the signal in check and not allowing people to watch the races? Or is it a form of corruption where the OTB internet sites are protected from competition? OTB does not offer video so they are at a competitive disadvantage. But if the NYSRWB does not let anybody watch the races on-line the field is leveled.

Or maybe it is just complete ineptitude on the NYSRWBs behalf. Maybe the staffers at the NYSRWB are educationally challenged hacks that work in a
bureaucracy and would not know a trifecta from a trip note.

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