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02 January 2008

Elbow grease handicapping

Why would anyone spend two-three hours prepping for a diversionary activity? Shouldn't playing a race card be a leisure activity? Not for some of us handicappers. Sure some of us walk into the track and pick a a program on the way in and quickly make some picks, slap together an exacta box and thats it. Then there are maniacs like myself. We spend no less than two hours marking up the form and creating race worksheets in our notebook, complete with comparative speed figures, form ratings and a class ranking. Is it all worth it? Absolutely the hard work creates a bit of anxiety, if no tickets are cashed it can build to uncomfortable levels. There is no pressure release valve, the only way to release the pressure is to win. However when tickets are cashed it is like a tremendous pleasurable release. In those precious moments before the race the brain becomes engorged with a mix of anxiety, doubt and sadness. At the split second a big ticket cashes in rushes a mix of adrenaline, endorphins and the dopamine receptors in the brain become soaked in pleasure. Some say that cashing a huge pick4 may just be better than other notorious pleasurable releases. The one that is for sure is that it is surely better than watching a game.

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