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22 March 2008

Showdown:Then There Were Two

After a grueling 24 days of racing there are two contestants left in NYRA showdown. Alysa The Dancer who was forth in a 5 horse field eliminated two contestants Friday. Now it is head to head for the $7600 first prize. Just what are the two showdown iron horses Inky and Kluelesskeith thinking as they drive for the wire?

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G. C. said...

The big contest ended today with kluelesskeith earning the winners share of the purse. kluelesskeith selected Determined Loyalty today who hung on for 3rd while his rival inky selected heavy favorite Control System. Inky's pick faded in the stretch after chasing the pace. Nice job Keith surviving for 25 days, you earned every penny. Don't let anybody call you klueless ever again.